Lincoln Property Company’s success comes from our team of seasoned professionals. Many have worked in the market for three decades or more, with long tenure at Lincoln and other “best in class” firms in Midwest markets.

Over the years, our people have built a vast network of trusted colleagues in the property management and leasing business. Mutual respect among colleagues means our team gets the best results from brokers, contractors, service providers, and other real estate professionals in the market — results that directly benefit our clients.

Executive Team

  • John B. Grissim, Senior Executive VP
  • Gary Kobus, President/LAG
  • Jenifer Ratcliffe, President/LPCRA

Accounting and Financial Services

  • Joe Los, Vice President
  • Diane Devine, Assistant Controller
  • Maria Vala, Assistant Controller
  • Steve Keifer, Property Accountant
  • Rebecca Kapjon, Senior Property Accountant
  • Terri Hertzel, Senior Property Accountant
  • Swan Tran, Property Accountant
  • Sarah Sauberlich, Senior Property Accountant
  • James Ferguson, Property Accountant

Human Resources / Administration

  • Marybeth Pehanich, Human Resource Specialist
  • Jamie Garcia, Administration

Construction Management / Development Services

  • Shannon Mangiameli, Vice President - Project Services, Design & Construction

Leasing Services

  • Peter Kelly, Vice President
  • Brett Ratay, Leasing Director
  • Genny Emerson, Leasing Representative
  • Joe Alberts, Leasing Representative
  • Matt Hickey, Senior Associate

Property Services

  • Wade Rodgers, Vice President, Property Management
  • Bob Quast, Vice President
  • Susan Fitch, Senior General Manager
  • Sherri Green, Senior General Manager
  • Thomas Halford, Senior General Manager
  • Richard H. Needham, Senior General Manager
  • Tim Incerto, Senior General Manager
  • Deb Pyznarski, Senior General Manager
  • Edie Scurto, Senior General Manager
  • Marlies Hansen, Senior General Manager
  • Suzanne Boryscka, Senior General Manager
  • Leslee Lowe, Senior Property Manager
  • Vasiliki Analitis, Property Manager
  • Mary Childers, Property Manager
  • Kristopher Entler, Property Manager
  • Kris Lee, Property Manager
  • Tammy Reed, Property Manager
  • Kristen Wesley, Property Manager
  • Wendy Harrison, Property Manager
  • Jon Welage, Operations Coordinator
  • Joshua Larson, Property Manager
  • Laynee Viniotis, Property Administrator

Advisory Services / Investment Management

  • Gary Kobus, President/LAG
  • Jenifer Ratcliffe, President/LPCRA
  • Don Kurdziel
  • Brian Lantz, Vice President
  • Eric Gluck, Vice President
  • Shawn Bernhardt, Vice President
  • Erin Hafeli (Curry), Vice President
  • Daniel Jackson, Vice President
  • John Reynolds, Vice President
  • Patrick Russo, Vice President
  • Beth Prezembel, Portfolio Controller
  • Dan Buzzelli, Portfolio Controller
  • Ellie Kahn, Assistant Vice President
  • Jordan Kovalsky, Assistant Vice President