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Central Park of Lisle | LPC Midwest

Lincoln Property Company and Cyclone Energy joined forces with ComEd and Nexant to reduce energy usage at Central Park of Lisle.  This project is called Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Project.  RCx is rooted in providing low- and no-cost recommendations that result in operational adjustments to the mechanical equipment found in the buildings. Cyclone Energy learns about the operations of the building as a “second set of eyes” working with the Building Engineers. Together, we hone in and identify opportunities for energy and utility cost savings while maintaining safety and tenant comfort.

Highlights of this project::

• Total project savings were approximately 12.5% of total building usage
• 5 Energy Conservation Measures were implemented
• Annual Savings exceed 1.3M kWh with an annual electric cost savings of over $100,000
• Aggregate project simple payback 0.2 years!

More information on this project and Cyclone Energy can be found here.



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