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We had a blast participating in our first “Meals from the Heart” luncheon at Chicago’s downtown Ronald McDonald House location near Lurie Children’s Hospital! We worked alongside Harvard Maintenance to provide comfort food for families staying at the RMH.  Our menu included grilled cheese sandwiches with a variety of toppings, tomato and cream of chicken soup, salad, veggies and hummus trays, chips & pretzels, and cookies for dessert.  Thank you to all who supported the event:

Joe Alberts
Heather Kubinski
Leslee Lowe
Laynee Viniotis
Patrick Russo
Jordan Kovalsky
Swan Tran
Jamison Taff
Jim Wissinger (Harvard Maintenance)
Sebastian Kosobudzki (Harvard Maintenance)
Karen Camerano (Harvard Maintenance)
Marissa Toomey (Harvard Maintenance)
Jim Postelnick (Harvard Maintenance)

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