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We had a wonderful volunteer experience this week at PAWS Chicago – big thank you to Tammy, Patrick, Ellie, Craig, Georgianne and Jamie for volunteering!  With the help of individual Lincoln donors and partnership with the 120 N. LaSalle building Management Team, we were able to pull together over TWO TRUNK LOADS of welcomed donation items for PAWS!  Wendy, Sherri, and Suzanne were a huge help pulling together donations, thank you!

As a follow up, we would like to highlight the Featured 5 dogs and cats at PAWS:  http://www.pawschicago.org/featured5/  Please consider dialing into your respective networks to help spread the word – and let’s see if we can help find a home or foster environment for these fur babies!  The Featured 5 are longer term residents at PAWS and are still looking for their forever homes.  All Featured 5 adoptees will get 1-year of FREE Merrick brand pet food, 1-year of FREE medical care at PAWS Medical Center, and FREE dog training for adopted dogs.

PAWS is a no-kill shelter that continues to invest to make Chicago the first no-kill city.  Annual euthanasia rates in the city are down 77% since PAWS Chicago was founded, and for the first time the annual euthanized total dropped below 10,000 in 2014.  We are proud to be able to contribute to this initiative, and look forward to participating in future PAWS volunteer opportunities.

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